Sustainable Florida Conference 2010

Event Offset 14.22 tonnes CO2

The 2010 Sustainable Florida Conference is a chance for individuals from businesses, government, universities, and communities to exchange ideas and learn more about creating sustainability and a green culture in Florida. The two-day conference features speakers and workshops from pulic and private sectors that offer information on green building, community planning, energy, waste, transportation, sustainable best practices and more.

Oct 13, 2010 to Oct 14, 2010
Location: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Country: United States

Carbon Source:
Ground Travel: 12.16 tCO2
Conference Room: 0.18 tCO2
Lodging: 1.86 tCO2

Emissions Data Certified by:
ICBE, Inc.
6651 NW 23rd Ave
Gainesville, FL 32606-8400, US

Jul 1, 2008 to Jun 30, 2013
Location: North-Central Florida
Country: United States

Carbon Sink:
Sink Type: Energy Efficient Technology
Sink Variant: Compact Fluorescent Lighting
Sink GHG Rate: 90 kg/unit/yr
Sink Reduction Rate: 1,220 tCO2/yr

Emission Reductions Created by:
Earth Givers, Inc.
408 West University Avenue, Suite 504
Gainesville, FL 32601, US

ClimateSafe ® is the United States' first federally recognized certification mark for greenhouse gas neutral products and services.

The ClimateSafe Certification Mark guarantees validity that a product, service or event is actually Carbon Neutral.