Holbrook Travel 2013

Travel Offset 536.00 tonnes CO2

For more than thirty years Holbrook Travel has been serving the needs of teachers, students, academic institutions and nature lovers, by providing a true connection between travelers and their destinations. The Holbrook team is comprised of scientists, researchers, educators and travel specialists that form the core of a 38-year-old family owned and operated business.

Jul 1, 2012 ~ Aug 31, 2013
Location: Gainesville, FL
Country: United States

Carbon Source:
Aircraft and land based travel for 159 Holbrook Travelers with destinations to Central and South America.

Emissions Data Verified by:
ICBE, Inc.
6651 NW 23rd Ave
Gainesville, FL 32606-8400, US

Nov 1, 1998 to Dec 31, 2013

Location: North Florida, US
British Columbia, CA, Alajauela, CR

Carbon Sink:

Micro-Hydro Electric - CA
CFL - Energy Efficiency - US
Carbon Sequestration - CR
Landfill Gas Destruction - US
Residential Energy Efficiency - US

Emission Reductions Created by:

Customers of Gainesville Regional Utilies,
Summit Power Corporation, CarbonSolutions,
and Green Earth Gardens, S.A.


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ClimateSafe ® is the United States' first federally recognized certification mark for greenhouse gas neutral products and services.

The ClimateSafe Certification Mark guarantees that a product, service or event is actually Carbon Neutral.