Cinema Verde 2011

Program Offset 3.66 tonnes CO2

Cinema Verde is the 2nd Annual Gainesville Environmental Film and Arts Festival March 18-27, 2011 and it has something for everyone. This ten-day festival seeks to raise consciousness about environmental issues, educate people on how each one of us can contribute toward sustainability and inform folks about environmental issues in their community. Each person can make a difference in some way. Become a part of the solution by contributing to a sustainable future.

Mar 18, 2011 to Mar 27, 2011
Location: Gainesville, Florida
Country: United States

Carbon Source:
Venues Total: 3.66 tCO2
United Church of Gainesville, Florida Gym
Hippodrome, Civic Media Center, Venue
Thomas Center, Sharab, Harm Museum

Emissions Data Verified by:
ICBE, Inc.
6651 NW 23rd Ave
Gainesville, FL 32606-8400, US

Jan 1, 2003 to Dec 31, 2003

Location: North-Central Florida
Country: United States

Carbon Sink:

Sink Type: Bioreactor
Landfill Gas Recovery and Destruction
Combined Sink Reduction Rate: 23,089 tCO

Emission Reductions Supplied by:

Earth Givers, Inc.
408 West University Avenue, Suite 504
Gainesville, FL 32601, US

ClimateSafe ® is the United States' first federally recognized certification mark for greenhouse gas neutral products and services.

The ClimateSafe Certification Mark guarantees validity that a product, service or event is actually Carbon Neutral.