UF OoS Travel FY11

Impact Offset 10.21 tonnes CO2

The Office of Sustainability is a resource that works to build and strengthen the networks that are needed to create a sustainable UF. In addition to our many programs and campaigns at the institutional level, the Green Team Network supports employees in their efforts to make UF a model of sustainability in higher education. The office also hosts the Sustainability Hut, a movable sustainability education tool, provides an opportunity for the campus community to gain knowledge, ask questions and give feedback on different topics of sustainability through weekly, interactive activities.

Jul 1, 2011 ~ Jun 30, 2012
Location: Gainesville, FL
Country: United States

Carbon Source:
Impact Total: 10.21 tCO2
Ground Travel: 1.79 tCO2
Air Travel: 8.42 tCO2

Emissions Data Verified by:
ICBE, Inc.
6651 NW 23rd Ave
Gainesville, FL 32606-8400, US

Jan 1, 2003 to Dec 31, 2013

Location: North-Central Florida
Country: United States

Carbon Sink:

Sink Type: Energy Efficient Technology and
Landfill Gas Recovery and Destruction
Sink Reduction Rate: 25,309 tCO2/yr

Emission Reductions Organized by:

Neutral Gator
1216 NE 9th Ave,
Gainesville, FL 32601, US



ClimateSafe ® is the United States' first federally recognized certification mark for greenhouse gas neutral products and services.

The ClimateSafe Certification Mark guarantees that a product, service or event is actually Carbon Neutral.